Monday, December 1, 2008

i want some boyish games!

whole day now, i'm looking for any site to download God of War or Tekken.. i've been playing different battles in bomberman (an old style game but i love it) and some mind games in my psp.. haha.. i am still trying to understand how final fantasy and dead to rights work coz i can't really figure out how to play it, pano ba nman, japanese ung ndownload ko! haha.. so hard to look for psp games in english format, alam ko bawal ung download2 pero la ako pera to purchase eh or to register online for unlimited downloads! anyway, i was a kind of excited when i have downloaded the Call of Duty last week, it sounds and looks like a "boyish" game but well of course at first i'm ignorant to it, i don't know how to play it but now i get it but a little disappointed, i don't know but i think the game somehow lacks excitement.. so now, i just feel like i want to have something new, something "boyish" set of games.. i'm looking for any "boyish" game with a maximum of 2G file size or kung me maganda na almost 4G, then cge try ko nlng din! :]

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