Saturday, December 27, 2008

10x happier

wheee.. so happy! i made it! thanks to the internet! good thing i have pending receivables this december before x'mas! a big thanks to blogsvertise, ciao, neobux, myLot, and to some online advertisers.. hehe.. got additional funds in my paypal now.. haha.. atlas the money i had been saving in paypal is now at hand.. and as promised, i had bought mama and papa a present, something to give them this x'mas as my "thank you" to them.. and oh, thanks to SM for the mall wide sale, i took advantage of the discounts and didn't have to pay P600 for a light yellow polo shirt for papa, as well as more than a thousand pesos for a Sylvia Santos leather bag for mama.. so when i got home this night, i handed my unwrapped gifts to them and they graciously accept it but they just don't know i am 10x happier than they are.. truly, it's better to give than to receive and i think the feeling is more rewarding! hehe..

merry christmas! :]

Thursday, December 18, 2008

so many considerations

it's almost two weeks of training -- during these days i only eat ONCE a day, just a hot milo during break time and when i go home -- no breakfast, no lunch, no meriendas, only a meal for dinner kasi whole day akong tulog! lalo na nga akong pumayat, super skinny! to the people who know me, imagine how i look now, worse than before! haha.. but its ok, i still want to continue my training then! BUT 2nd week of our training, that was the week that gave me reasons to stop.. daming reasons and i don't want to enumerate each.. i don't want to say anything nor explain anything, people wont understand after all, so many considerations! usually when someone asks why, i just say, nkakatamad na, its tiring! so leave that reason as it is! bleh!! my reason of wanting to have a job is to have something to buy gifts this x'mas, don't worry i'll try my online money making to raise a good amount of money before christmas or new year! hehe.. mgwhole day na pud ko sa internet mangita ug kaauhan! :]

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

gud luck nlng

S t a r t 0 f T r a i n i n g !! G o o d L u c k N a L a n g !! :]

(joy, gcopy nko imong idea, color2 sa mga letters! hehe)

Monday, December 1, 2008

i want some boyish games!

whole day now, i'm looking for any site to download God of War or Tekken.. i've been playing different battles in bomberman (an old style game but i love it) and some mind games in my psp.. haha.. i am still trying to understand how final fantasy and dead to rights work coz i can't really figure out how to play it, pano ba nman, japanese ung ndownload ko! haha.. so hard to look for psp games in english format, alam ko bawal ung download2 pero la ako pera to purchase eh or to register online for unlimited downloads! anyway, i was a kind of excited when i have downloaded the Call of Duty last week, it sounds and looks like a "boyish" game but well of course at first i'm ignorant to it, i don't know how to play it but now i get it but a little disappointed, i don't know but i think the game somehow lacks excitement.. so now, i just feel like i want to have something new, something "boyish" set of games.. i'm looking for any "boyish" game with a maximum of 2G file size or kung me maganda na almost 4G, then cge try ko nlng din! :]