Saturday, December 27, 2008

10x happier

wheee.. so happy! i made it! thanks to the internet! good thing i have pending receivables this december before x'mas! a big thanks to blogsvertise, ciao, neobux, myLot, and to some online advertisers.. hehe.. got additional funds in my paypal now.. haha.. atlas the money i had been saving in paypal is now at hand.. and as promised, i had bought mama and papa a present, something to give them this x'mas as my "thank you" to them.. and oh, thanks to SM for the mall wide sale, i took advantage of the discounts and didn't have to pay P600 for a light yellow polo shirt for papa, as well as more than a thousand pesos for a Sylvia Santos leather bag for mama.. so when i got home this night, i handed my unwrapped gifts to them and they graciously accept it but they just don't know i am 10x happier than they are.. truly, it's better to give than to receive and i think the feeling is more rewarding! hehe..

merry christmas! :]


  1. i did a lot of spending last december too. all for the spirit of sharing and making other people happy. for a kuripot like me, it would have made me sad, but i was not. it feels good having shared your blessings.

  2. yes, that's so true! giving and sharing what we have is just a great feeling! good to hear from you! :]