Thursday, December 18, 2008

so many considerations

it's almost two weeks of training -- during these days i only eat ONCE a day, just a hot milo during break time and when i go home -- no breakfast, no lunch, no meriendas, only a meal for dinner kasi whole day akong tulog! lalo na nga akong pumayat, super skinny! to the people who know me, imagine how i look now, worse than before! haha.. but its ok, i still want to continue my training then! BUT 2nd week of our training, that was the week that gave me reasons to stop.. daming reasons and i don't want to enumerate each.. i don't want to say anything nor explain anything, people wont understand after all, so many considerations! usually when someone asks why, i just say, nkakatamad na, its tiring! so leave that reason as it is! bleh!! my reason of wanting to have a job is to have something to buy gifts this x'mas, don't worry i'll try my online money making to raise a good amount of money before christmas or new year! hehe.. mgwhole day na pud ko sa internet mangita ug kaauhan! :]

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