Thursday, January 29, 2009

have you ever borrowed to your friends?

have you ever borrowed something to your friends? do you know that you have something to return to your friends (money or anything)? do you initiate to return it or just wait for your friend to ask you to return it?

well just asking.. i really felt so bad now 'coz someone borrowed something from me months ago and i need it badly, or should i say my mother needs it! days, weeks and months pass by but i never asked her to return it to me, i waited for her to initiate but haven't heard from her eversince.. here comes one day my mother needs the borrowed things so i asked my friend how's my stuffs and when can she return it to me.. so long story but to make it short, up to now, nothing was returned to me.. i keep on contacting her, through texts and YM, but haven't got any reply lately.. it just saddens me now because i haven't seen any effort from her.. if she can't return those stuffs, why not tell me properly, even a very lame excuse or alibi will be just fine,
magparamdam ka lang! i just felt so tired of her hide-and-seek game! i want to understand her, maybe she's just too busy with her work, but for pete's sake, how much time will she need just to text or YM me, as i know she's online everyday, every night! i have the patience, but i just got to the point that i can't endure it at all and it's too tiring to deal with such people.. i believe it's a bad manner not to return borrowed things even just those fancy little stuffs, isn't it?

have you ever encountered such kind people? :[

Thursday, January 22, 2009

oh my poor pooh

that is the only piece i hang in my room's wall, i really don't want to put so many decorations in my room but i just let that one be hanged in my wall since i made that one.. that was my project way back high school, i guess in my T.H.E. class.. i am not good in drawing nor painting but i tried my best to do that one and i guess it is not bad at all for a first-timer like me.. hehe.. but just yesterday, my mother saw cobwebs at the edges and the surface of the canvas and wiped it with a wet cloth and that's the result now -- the color washed out! haha.. oh my poor pooh! it's now slightly damaged! good thing though, it can still be recognized as pooh! haha.. its been so long since i clean my room, that's why cobwebs are "sprouting" just anywhere.. hehe.. :]

Saturday, January 17, 2009

eating foods after the "best before date", is it good?

just now, i ate the last slice of cake we bought for the new year celebration! haha.. until now, its been weeks and we haven't finished the 2 boxes of cake we bought.. it already exceeded the "best before date" written in the box but then it still tastes so good, love it, and so i ate it with no second thoughts and nothing happened to me as of now so i think its ok.. hehe.. i was thinking the cake i ate may not at all in its best quality but maybe still eatable?

is it still good to eat foods that exceeded the "best before date" or the expiry date? any idea there?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

dead mother delivered a baby girl

so i was reading random articles in BBC News just now and i landed to this one of a kind strange news entitled "Baby girl born to dead mother" dated January 12, 2009 -- Monday, isn't it real strange? is this a mere miracle or a product of human intelligence with the help of technology?

here goes an excerpt of the news:

"An ice-skating star's baby has been born two days after she collapsed and died from a brain hemorrhage, a hospital has confirmed.

Doctors at Oxford's John Radcliffe hospital kept Jayne Soliman's heart beating until they had delivered her baby daughter Aya Jayne on Friday.

Baby Aya was born prematurely at 25 weeks by Caesarean section weighing just over 2lb.

She is now being cared for by doctors at Reading's Royal Berkshire Hospital.

The baby's father Mahmoud Soliman, 29, is reported to have said: "It was Jayne's one true wish to be a mum. She would have been a great mum. In the space of 48 hours I have experienced joy at the birth of my child and endured torment over losing my wonderful wife."

Although exceedingly rare, this is not the first time a baby has been kept alive in the womb of a dead mother."

read more at BBC News

credits to BBC news team!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

a piece of samal

i was looking at some pix i took a year ago when i was still in college, and was thinking to go back here soon just for some soul, mind and body refreshment.. hehe..
here are some photos of the place i have visited in Samal Island, Davao City. It's a private resort, i just forgot it's name.. hehe.. :]

Saturday, January 10, 2009

my so-called 2009 resolution

isn't it too late to write my resolution?! whatever, like i care! hehe..

but anyway, here's the list of my new year's resolution.. this may look like just an ordinary resolution, ung tipong enumerated list lang, un lang, period.. 'di rin masusunod.. in the end, still completely the same "me" compared to the past year.. more of just a mere dead yet written resolution and not working for real to make it! pero 'di rin nman masama maglista, dba? malay mo mgawa ko! hehe..

be determined to work! - i see myself as the laziest person though most of the time i feel so meh!
(fact: meh is the term commonly used in tv show The Simpsons to describe "boring". This term will be officially included in the launching of the newest edition of Collins English dictionary.) just a little information to you all! hehe..

don't make things too complex, too complicated! - this is my talent -- to make things complicated! i think i think too much! most of the things i consider problems are actually not problems..

eat real healthy foods 3x or more a day- obviously to be healthy and to be fit! ewan ko lang!

minimize buying expensive things - i'm jobless for more or less 10 months now.. i don't have allowance anymore since march 2008.. i only depend on the money i had saved when i was still studying and the money i earn online.. somehow i feel at some point i wasted my money, imagine in 2 months, i wasted (overstatement) more or less 15,000 buying luxuries.. hehe.. so impulsive! so now, i should not spend my money for my "wants" anymore!

have the drive to make bonding2 - i am not only lazy to work, i am also lazy to go to gimmicks, parties, socializing and bonding2 activities.. many can prove that! lol!

join charitable and reach out activities! - my ultimate dream.. those less fortunate people made me feel so blessed in life! even if i don't know them and they don't know me, i guess they inspire me to be simple and contented in life and so by doing, i want to reach out to them.. it's always a good feeling to help and i want to be filled with that feeling everyday!

have a blessed and peaceful 2009 to all of us! :]