Saturday, January 17, 2009

eating foods after the "best before date", is it good?

just now, i ate the last slice of cake we bought for the new year celebration! haha.. until now, its been weeks and we haven't finished the 2 boxes of cake we bought.. it already exceeded the "best before date" written in the box but then it still tastes so good, love it, and so i ate it with no second thoughts and nothing happened to me as of now so i think its ok.. hehe.. i was thinking the cake i ate may not at all in its best quality but maybe still eatable?

is it still good to eat foods that exceeded the "best before date" or the expiry date? any idea there?


  1. as long you keep it in freezer ... it will be good for long time ...

    best before date ... might be different from expiry date ...

  2. @ razifembi

    lol! yes, i just realize now the difference between the two.. and i was like grinning here 'coz you have a point! hehe..

    anyway, thanks for that though! :]

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