Thursday, January 29, 2009

have you ever borrowed to your friends?

have you ever borrowed something to your friends? do you know that you have something to return to your friends (money or anything)? do you initiate to return it or just wait for your friend to ask you to return it?

well just asking.. i really felt so bad now 'coz someone borrowed something from me months ago and i need it badly, or should i say my mother needs it! days, weeks and months pass by but i never asked her to return it to me, i waited for her to initiate but haven't heard from her eversince.. here comes one day my mother needs the borrowed things so i asked my friend how's my stuffs and when can she return it to me.. so long story but to make it short, up to now, nothing was returned to me.. i keep on contacting her, through texts and YM, but haven't got any reply lately.. it just saddens me now because i haven't seen any effort from her.. if she can't return those stuffs, why not tell me properly, even a very lame excuse or alibi will be just fine,
magparamdam ka lang! i just felt so tired of her hide-and-seek game! i want to understand her, maybe she's just too busy with her work, but for pete's sake, how much time will she need just to text or YM me, as i know she's online everyday, every night! i have the patience, but i just got to the point that i can't endure it at all and it's too tiring to deal with such people.. i believe it's a bad manner not to return borrowed things even just those fancy little stuffs, isn't it?

have you ever encountered such kind people? :[


  1. Some people just forget what they have to return. Its not bad to remind them. Give a try.

  2. @ sedona

    hi there! i've reminded her for so many times.. before, she replies with somewhat like "prmoises".. and now, haven't heard anything from her at all! :]

    thanks for the response.. :]