Saturday, January 10, 2009

my so-called 2009 resolution

isn't it too late to write my resolution?! whatever, like i care! hehe..

but anyway, here's the list of my new year's resolution.. this may look like just an ordinary resolution, ung tipong enumerated list lang, un lang, period.. 'di rin masusunod.. in the end, still completely the same "me" compared to the past year.. more of just a mere dead yet written resolution and not working for real to make it! pero 'di rin nman masama maglista, dba? malay mo mgawa ko! hehe..

be determined to work! - i see myself as the laziest person though most of the time i feel so meh!
(fact: meh is the term commonly used in tv show The Simpsons to describe "boring". This term will be officially included in the launching of the newest edition of Collins English dictionary.) just a little information to you all! hehe..

don't make things too complex, too complicated! - this is my talent -- to make things complicated! i think i think too much! most of the things i consider problems are actually not problems..

eat real healthy foods 3x or more a day- obviously to be healthy and to be fit! ewan ko lang!

minimize buying expensive things - i'm jobless for more or less 10 months now.. i don't have allowance anymore since march 2008.. i only depend on the money i had saved when i was still studying and the money i earn online.. somehow i feel at some point i wasted my money, imagine in 2 months, i wasted (overstatement) more or less 15,000 buying luxuries.. hehe.. so impulsive! so now, i should not spend my money for my "wants" anymore!

have the drive to make bonding2 - i am not only lazy to work, i am also lazy to go to gimmicks, parties, socializing and bonding2 activities.. many can prove that! lol!

join charitable and reach out activities! - my ultimate dream.. those less fortunate people made me feel so blessed in life! even if i don't know them and they don't know me, i guess they inspire me to be simple and contented in life and so by doing, i want to reach out to them.. it's always a good feeling to help and i want to be filled with that feeling everyday!

have a blessed and peaceful 2009 to all of us! :]


  1. guess Im the first one to comment.....I love no. 3 & 4 here..will do the same so that I can have a vacation to pinas this year!! ingat Liz! feel free to visit my other sites!1

  2. nice resolutions. some of it i want to adopt. haha.

    anyway, just a piece of advice for you to achieve your resolutions.. be realistic while being optimistic with a twist of being idealistic.

  3. may GOD help u in aching ur goals(resolution)

  4. @ euroangel
    haha.. oo nga, bawas muna sa gastos para mvisit mo din ung family mo dito sa Pinas.. that will be a great thing for you and your family.. hope you can do that this year!

    @ the islander
    gusto ko ung full of -tic advice mo, huh? really nice kaso lang i am so much of an idealist than realist.. and a lot pessimist than optimist! pwede pla mcombine un lahat minus the pessimism! nice one! thanks!

    @ abdullah
    hope so too! and i hope you reach your goals for this year as well.. have a productive and meaningful to you!:]