Thursday, January 22, 2009

oh my poor pooh

that is the only piece i hang in my room's wall, i really don't want to put so many decorations in my room but i just let that one be hanged in my wall since i made that one.. that was my project way back high school, i guess in my T.H.E. class.. i am not good in drawing nor painting but i tried my best to do that one and i guess it is not bad at all for a first-timer like me.. hehe.. but just yesterday, my mother saw cobwebs at the edges and the surface of the canvas and wiped it with a wet cloth and that's the result now -- the color washed out! haha.. oh my poor pooh! it's now slightly damaged! good thing though, it can still be recognized as pooh! haha.. its been so long since i clean my room, that's why cobwebs are "sprouting" just anywhere.. hehe.. :]


  1. hehee ok lang girl si pooh lang man gihapon siya

  2. nice talent ka Sis..salamat sa bisita!! ingat!!

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  3. it was a nice art :) ung ginawa ko nung highschool ako ndi ko na naitago :(

  4. @ anne

    haha.. lagi.. ok nlng! wheee..

    @ euroangel

    labas ang talent for the sake of grades sa school.. hehe

    @ sedona


    @ minnie madz

    hehe.. yan lng din ata ung naitago ko na project eh! ang iba junk na! hehe..

    thanks for all the responses! :]