Sunday, February 1, 2009

account banned, again?!

i got banned again! this is my second time to get my account banned, first was in sponsoredreviews, one of my blogs was banned there.. and now in a product review site i joined, reviewstream.. well, that's the result of being a hard headed, violating the rules! haha.. i am actually aware of the rules but i just want to test submitting a review that i have already pulished in another review site and there goes they have traced it! no warnings, the next day after i submitted my review, they have sent a notice thru email informing me of my violation with a "your account has been closed!" statement.. hehe.. so be it! i'll stick with my first review site then!

so if you want to join such review sites, be sure to follow rules! they have no warnings when you violate a rule, they immediately close your account just like mine! hehe.. another money making site down for me!:]


  1. Oh That's bad..but it's ok as long as u learn the rules now...Happy Blogging

  2. Hi dear, thanks for dropping by my blog. My account in one of a product reviews site is also suspended since I have not been so active with them. LOL!

    Anyways, care for an exchange links?

    Oh and regarding dneero, they're doing great for me! :)

  3. @ gee

    really learned the rules but hard headed people can't help violating rules! hahaha..

    @ maricel

    i'll visit you back again in your page.. dneero sent me as good number of tasks but i am just too lazy to do it.. lol..

  4. how will you get paid thru reviewstream, anyway?