Saturday, February 7, 2009

husband didn't tell his wife he wants divorce, but broadcasted it in facebook!

I was surfing the net early this afternoon and just bump in another strange true to life story written in MailOnline by James Tozer. I went on the page to read the whole article and found out that there was this man (neil brady) who wants a divorce with her wife (emma brady) but didn't tell her, instead, he broadcasted it through his facebook account with the status/message that reads: "Neil Brady has ended his marriage with Emma Brady".. oh, so harsh! doing such a move considering that facebook community has millions of user all over the world, how would this wife feel?! isn't it embarrassing?!

read the whole story here..

if you are in the position of emma brady, how would you feel when your partner for six years have broadcasted in the internet that he wants to end up his/her marriage to you WITHOUT YOU KNOWING FIRST? simply speaking, the internet (social networking site, facebook) knew it first before you who is the one involve in the issue.. that must be a disaster in life, so mortifying!

what do you think of this? what do you think of the man?


  1. with so many kind of people and technology is evolving rapidly, u never know how people will perform haha...

  2. kung ako un...masasapak ko ng bonggang bongga ung then-partner ko. It's ok to end things, but to broadcast it to everyone, without the two of you talking about it first ay "kabastusan"...tsk,tsk,

  3. @ vincent

    true! and many people act so bad and childish! haha..


    kabastusan talaga.. kung gaganyanin ako, the man is such a coward then.. :p

  4. Oh, this is bad. He is not a man. Well, I don't want to name-calling, too.

  5. @ grace

    really bad! hehe.. thanks for dropping.. :)

  6. oh gosh, it's terrible.

    she's probably better off without him anyway.

  7. oh yeah...why didn't he just tell it to her face? that is sooo painful for the the last person to know. what did she do to be punished that way?>

  8. i think he was being unfair :(