Tuesday, February 17, 2009

i want to be an INTERPRENEUR

i am thinking what really i want to be.. i am already a graduate of bachelor's degree, have applied to some companies, have been trained but in the end, i always don't want to continue.. last night i figured it out, i coined the term i want to be, i don't know if the term is already existing though, i think of this without any reference but my mind.. hehe.. anyway, i realized from mind and heart, i want to be an INTERPRENEUR, that's short for internet entrepreneur.. i always want to do business and i am so hooked in the web.. so i am thinking, why not combine the two factors i'm interested in, right?! it may be hard, impossible, i know, but i always think i can reach just even a 10% of Rich Jerk or Professor James Bradley have.. oh well, am i dreaming?? maybe, but would like to try the risk and would like to set my determination in achieving this.. for now i just do blogging, adsense and publish reviews.. and so far so good and i am titling myself as a jobless earner! hehe..

anyway, i just googled now when i was writing this one, some millionaires in the internet.. for the information of all, there are so many young millionaires on the web.. you may doubt it but i definitely believe in this, and the list includes wordpress's Matt Mullenweg who even inspire the people here in Davao when he once visited here last year.. i missed that day and i regret it though but my friends went there in his WordCamp.. tsk.. tsk..

so here's the list of the young millionaires who are so successful online!
1. Mark Zuckerberg (23) -- Facebook -- $700 Million
2. Andrew Gower (28) -- Runescape -- $650 Million
3. Chad Hurley (30) -- Youtube -- $300 Million
4. Blake Ross and David Hyatt (22) -- Mozilla -- $120
5. Andrew Michael (29) -- Fast Hosts -- $110 Million
6. Angelo Sotira (26) -- Deviant ART -- $75 Million
7. John Vechey (28) -- PopCap Games -- $60 Million
8. Alexander Levin (23) -- Image Shack -- $56 Million
9. Jake Nickell (28) -- Threadless -- $50 Million
10. Greg Tseng and Johann Schleier-Smith (28) -- Tagged -- $45 Million
11. Sean Belnick (20) -- Biz Chair -- $42 Million
12. Matt Mullenweg (23) -- WordPress -- $40 Million
13. Kevin Rose (30) -- Digg -- $31 Million
14. Aodhan Cullen (24)-- Stat Counter -- $25 Million
15. Markus Frind (29) -- Plenty Of Fish -- $23 Million

note: these are young internet millionaires aged 30 and below, excluding those who are already 31 and up..

i just noticed no female in this top 15 list, is internet business a guy power??

anyway, to see more of the list with photos of these young millionaire, click here!

DREAM and BELIEVE -- that's all in my mind while writing this one having the thought how i wish i can be like them! it's all DETERMINATION!


  1. I also want to be success in interpreneur, and it is not that easy, you're right. It needs lots of effort..wow..!!

    well, let's be one of them :)
    never give up!

    ganbatte kudasai..

  2. nice ambition,... keep going,..!!

  3. wow when kaya tayo maging ganito..got a tag for you Sis..


  4. Me too my friend, keep working to make your dream come true...