Friday, March 20, 2009

first stop this summer -- paradise island

just arrived home from an overnight stay at paradise, samal island here in davao city.. though a little tired, i still want to update my page with some pix.. so hot here in our area so we decided to spend some time at the beach and yes, i have a great stay there! hehe.. hey pips, it's officially SUMMER time! wheeee.. any plans?! tsk tsk..

boat ride from davao city proper to paradise island

paradise resort, samal island.. really crystal clear beach!

white sand, clean beach!
the pretty clouds! :)

kayaking! fun beach activity c",)

it's my time to try kayaking! hehe.. enjoyed it so much!

the rays of the sun -- heaven!

the sun sets

our room! i think worth the price! :D

sweet little tweet tweets

this is my number - 11!


  1. Wow. Ka nice sa kayak experience oi.... Kainggit... hehehhe...

  2. yeah, thats a beautifully
    i lie it
    i want to go there
    but im a poor man

  3. love all your pictures. hope to visit there one day.

  4. waw, you are very lucky be able to visit the beautiful place.
    nice picture my friend

  5. sana makasakay din ako sa kayak...sarap ng suha dyan!

  6. wow...ang ganda ganda naman dyan....
    ang ganda talaga ng pinas...

  7. Nice Picture :)

    Ada yang baru nich, iseng2 berhadiah. Jangan ngaku blogger kalo belum liat yang ini, klik :D

  8. Have enjoyed looking through your gorgeous pictures.

  9. thanks for the comments..:) what a lovely pictures you've got..amazingly the views..

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