Friday, March 20, 2009

meet the endangered animals at crocodile park

it's my first time to visit the new crocodile park here in davao city.. i was able to visit it way back when it was still located in it's original place but i guess just few years ago, the endangered animals have their new home now.. hehe.. we were actually planning to go there last friday but it rained that's why we're not able to go there then.. they have this "show" every friday, saturday and sunday (4:30pm) to entertain the visitors. that's why we want to go there on fridays (not saturday or sunday as we have things to do on those days). anyway, even though the show is not really long, but i definitely enjoyed taking pictures with the animals.. hehe.. it's my first time to touch a snake, a big snake -- i can't carry it by myself as i am small that's why i have to have someone with me to carry the snake, it's real heavy literally much much heavier than me, so BIG and so cute yet so timorous! i have touched an eagle as well as a baby crocodile but unfortunately i don't have a good picture of it.. hehe.. below are some pix i can share here! :)

this snake is really big! first time to hold it! scaaary! :)
albino snake!

PANGIL -- considered the 2nd largest crocodile in the Philippines

parrot.. nice colors, isn't it?

it's the eagle

real aggresive phyton!

from palawan


  1. thanks 4 the visit

    care to exchange links?
    lemme know

    see ya around!

    btw, i love davao
    lalao na yun suha nyo dyan

  2. waw, you are very brave my friend.

  3. we also just went to the crocodile park recently girl, hehehe kailan lang kau pumunta anyway i have a tag for you just grab it if you have plenty of time ok thanks thank heres the url

  4. wow! ang laki ng ahas...
    by the way, i like your pics ^_^

  5. how could you do that it's dangerous.