Tuesday, March 10, 2009

proposal to add 50 more congressmen in the Philippines

i was watching TEN (the evening news) just now and was kind of surprised when one segment of the said news program brought out the issue here in the Philippines of adding 50 more congressmen in the office.. the reason? because of population growth in the country. OH EM GEE! can anybody knock my head about this and help me understand how helpful for the country and its people this move will be , or should i say can anybody knock the head of the author of this resolution? the Philippines currently have 250 congressmen and adding another 50 would make it to 300.. what do you think guys? is this a wise resolution or just another piece of crap?

anyway, i don't know the whole issue of this as what was mentioned in the news is i guess just a bit of it so i googled this one and found out the opinion of one of the Inquirer columnist, Neal Cruz.. reading his view on the said matter gave me an idea that additional congressmen means additional budget for these congressmen's salaries and allowances and any other stuffs which obviously will come from the money of the people.. so speaking of the money of the people, i remember the issues before increasing the taxes to support the country's needs and to pay our country's debts, and adding 50 congressmen in the government office would surely needs money, as i said earlier, for salaries, etc.. so i am worrying if this proposal will be approved, does that mean a higher probability to increase taxes as well and again? think of it, there are those saying that the taxes paid at present is not enough to support the needs of our country and its people, how much more if there will be another slice of the division and budgeting of people's money? hmmm... think think think!

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  1. marami na naman tayong papakainin na malalaki ang tiyan wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh