Monday, April 13, 2009

sunset [republished 040309]

i like taking sunset pictures and when i was in Manila, i actually thought of taking some photos of sunset at Baywalk since i have seen real good pictures of sunset there but unfortunately i was not able to do so.. huhu.. chance not grabbed! tsk.. tsk.. but anyway, when i was hundreds of feet above the ground as well as when i was eventually thousands of feet above the ground boarding a plane, i really took the chance to take some pix of sunset from my window seat.. hehe.. good thing our flight was 4:45pm then!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

latest stop this summer 09: Mati

2 days after i arrived back home here in Davao from Manila, i then went to Mati to have another trip with friends.. hehe.. well, its summer, why not?! this time, we went to Mati and stayed there for 3 days and 2 nights.. and for that short vacation, we hopped in 3 beautiful resorts -- Cinco Masao Beach Resort and Wanniban Island for our first 2 days and 2 nights, and Dahican for our last day. Actually, we're supposedly bound to 2 islands for our island hopping on our second day stay in Mati (masao) but we have only visited Wanniban Island that time since the waves going to Pujada Island is kinda not-so-safe for travelling, so to be safe we only hopped in one island from Masao, the Wanniban Island.. We should have visited 4 different "paradise" if only our plan was followed! hehe.. but anyway, here are some raw pix i can share..

Cinco Masao
(i don't have lots of pix of Cinco Masao since its kind of hard to take a pic of it, it doesn't have seashore as you notice the cottages are situated in the sea premise itself as in in the water... hehe..)

Wanniban Island
(this is a not-so-developed island, almost virgin! A part of the island is so rocky, good for taking pictures.. hehe.. But there's also a part perfect for swimming... white sand, crystal clear water -- so nice!)

(this is what i like the most among all we've visited in Mati.. why? because of my funny reason! i think this is a good place for the not-so-good in swimming like me.. the waves are very big in Dahican, most likely for surfers out there, so no need to swim, just face the waves, jump over it or sometimes under it if its too big and high to jump over! you will really feel the spank of the waves in your body and face and its really really fun! hahaha.. it is also not developed but see how such a beautiful place left unnoticed?! good to have seen the real beauty of Dahican before the water becomes a little polluted or the place becomes crowded like some commercial resorts, who knows, right?! anyway, right after Dahican is actually the Pacific Ocean that's why Dahican has so big waves..)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

ocean park: it's a DEEPer experience

i just visited manila ocean park and the view is really beautiful and is great for aspiring photographers with nature subjects! here are some pictures i took while looking around the underwater-inspired park..

sunset at the back of the ocean park

landscape view with giant ferries at the side

ocean park entrance view

under the sea animalandia