Wednesday, April 1, 2009

ocean park: it's a DEEPer experience

i just visited manila ocean park and the view is really beautiful and is great for aspiring photographers with nature subjects! here are some pictures i took while looking around the underwater-inspired park..

sunset at the back of the ocean park

landscape view with giant ferries at the side

ocean park entrance view

under the sea animalandia


  1. ganda dun noh..pero parang di sulit ang entrance fee..:(

  2. great pictures, zel.. hope we can visit this place one day. take care and enjoy your weekend

  3. nice pics.. i've been here niece and nephew enjoyed strolling and looking at the sea creatures..this is also an establishment that we filipinos must be proud of...

  4. @ beng

    agree ako sau! parang EF is just too high for mere strolling dun sa place.. hehe..

    @ eden

    hehe.. hopefully, ganda ng view dun..

    @ meryl

    youngsters and not-so-young will really enjoy the place, bihira lang makakita ng ganung underwater-like park eh.. hehe..