Monday, April 13, 2009

sunset [republished 040309]

i like taking sunset pictures and when i was in Manila, i actually thought of taking some photos of sunset at Baywalk since i have seen real good pictures of sunset there but unfortunately i was not able to do so.. huhu.. chance not grabbed! tsk.. tsk.. but anyway, when i was hundreds of feet above the ground as well as when i was eventually thousands of feet above the ground boarding a plane, i really took the chance to take some pix of sunset from my window seat.. hehe.. good thing our flight was 4:45pm then!


  1. love the shots.

    you did a good capture even if you were inside the plane.

  2. nice pic..i have added u..just check n shout me on if u dont mind...thanks..have a nice day

  3. have added u too..^_^ check it please...nice blog.nice view