Sunday, April 18, 2010

missed blog opps

just opened my yahoomail and noticed a number of blog opp notifications from blogsvertise for my two blogs.. geeeezzz.. i missed those 4 paid-to-post opportunities, the oldest of which is just 2 weeks ago opp.. it's been a while since i last clean up my email and with a flood of messages sent to me for weeks now, i didn't notice those important ones.. tsk tsk.. all opps were expired now.. i tried to accept it all, but oh well, it's too late! how sad! gotta be aware of the notifications next time.. have to check email regularly now.. this is one of the disadvantages of using lots of email and didn't know which one i used for which.. :(


  1. buti ka pa nga me blog opps pa huhuhu ako wala na at wala pa hehe

  2. welcome back sa mundo ng blogging~