Saturday, April 17, 2010

revive the spirit of blogging

so i got an email notification from loudlaunch informing me that this blog has been approved for some money making opportunities they offer.. loudlaunch is one of the paid-to-blog sites i joined since i started monetizing my first ever blog and yes, they really pay that's why i felt a little excited to get back in the blogosphere and start updating my blogs again.. oh well, got surprised as i kinda abandoned this blog for quite some time now, so outdated and almost dying! now i want to revive the spirit of blogging in me.. this is actually my first post for this year.. lolz.. got in the mood to blog again! fingers crossed that i wont get lazy to do updates.. wheeeew! :D


  1. @ everlito

    long time no hop.. hehe.. uu nga, blog blog lang kaso minsan tinatamad kaya no updates.. hehe..

  2. blog lang ng blog!
    makukuha mo din ang rhythm mo. :D

  3. wow naman..salamat na rin kasi hanap akop ng hanap ng other paid-to-blog susubukan ko tong loadlaunch na to.hehe

  4. Loudlaunch has to pay me more than $600. They have not paid me for the last two years and instead of paying me they simply blocked my account to avoid my pressure. Hence fellow bloggers beware of them and be cautious with them.